Wiget Application



Get the LATEST vacant jobs directly in your Facebook and other social media webistes, including Myspace, Blogger, your Wordpress blog, Igoogle and many others. All you have to do is click on the “Get Widget” below and follow the simple instructions.


Everytime we post a new vacant job, it will be displayed in the widget automatically. So if you have it installed on your facebook or Myspace page, you'll get instant confirmation of all the new jobs we add before other jobseekers. This gives you the competitive edge in applying and securing the new vacant jobs.

If you publish a blog, you can have the widget installed on that blog and add added value to your visitors and readers. The more info you can provide to your readers the more value your blog will have to them.


This is a FREE service (widget) and we encourage you to not only install it, but share it with your friends.

In less than 30 seconds you'll have the latest vacant work from home type jobs showing up on your blog or Facebook page.



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